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who are we?

We are 3 experienced software developers who met up at IO Interactive years back.

Between us, we have been developing apps, web applications and game tech for +20 years.

So rather than touting our awesome skills in all things tech, framework and cloud services, we believe we qualify for a shorter moniker:

Full stack developers. There, we said it.

Is this a match?

So you're looking to realize your iPhone / iPad or web application? Good, we can help.

We are able to take a project from idea to fully realized, data-backed & connected application.

That is in fact exactly what we prefer to do, and what we've done for customers like DR, Wunderman and - ourselves!

Yes, we also dream up our own apps. That's how we know the drill.


Geotagged events around you. iPhone app, backed by Nodejs and Golang, powered by Amazon S3, EC2 & PostgresSql RDS.


Spotify-like search engine for finding and ordering music for radio productions, powered by .NET MVC, Solr, jQuery, Bootstrap.

The team

8 years ago, we happened to work together at IO Interactive. After a lot of code, games, websites, apps, physics, burgers and kids, we realized we wouldn't get rid of each other any time soon, so we aligned our goals and started developing iPhone apps. Today, this professional relationship and personal friendship is the basis for 3DQ.

Rasmus Hartvig



Jesper Bloch-Christiansen



Henrik Edwards



Lets get in touch

We have a wonderful office in central Copenhagen. Stop by and lets talk more.



H.C. Andersens Boulevard 11, 4.th
DK-1553 KĂžbenhavn V

Ph: +45 51 90 45 67